SMM tool with AI content generation inspired by Gary Vee in 24 hours

SMM tool with AI content generation inspired by Gary Vee in 24 hours

Minimal Viable Product Requirement Documentation with step by step guide and links

My company, Microcontent, is building a Social Media Management tool to help content creators and influencers follow Gary Vee's content strategy with AI content generation.

The main idea of Gary Vee content strategy is post-processing pillar content into micro-content distributed to social media like TickTock, Youtube reels, and Twitter.

The pillar product of such an idea would be a Social Media Management tool similar to

  1. Automated Gary Vee Content strategy
  2. but with different social media channels.
  3. combined with

The main idea is to help busy people save time by producing micro content for them. AI will help to transform articles into Tweets. But for video and audio content we will upsell users to freelancers.


On such a platform user will be able to transform his 1 peace of pillar content into micro-content, schedule it, and engage with the audience.

Must have functionality:

  • Ability to transform articles into tweets
  • Ability to schedule tweets
  • Ability to request microcontent for video or audio content by entering email and budget

Everything else goes as upselling, so it is not that important.

Basic product

As for the basic product, we gonna take the open source social media management and content marketing platform - Socioboard. It is hosted under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and can be openly changed and redistributed. Commercial usage allowed.


They have a step-by-step setup tutorial that should take us not more than 8 hours to set up. After that, we will have a multitenant social management tool for which we already can charge about $50 per month based on competitors' pricing. We are going to give up all these values for free in exchange for affiliate fees from freelancers.

Our technologies will include a backend on Node.js and a frontend on Laravel and MongoDB as a database.

As a domain registration service and deployment environment, we are going to use AWS.

Secret Sauce

To differentiate ourselves from the competition we gonna give users a unique feature of automatically transforming their pillar content into micro-content using AI and freelance. We gonna use OpenAI API and a pre-trained GPT3 model to automatically generate tweets. Quality may be far from ideal so we are going to give the option of manual micro content generation by freelancers.

Adding GPT3, figuring out how to use it for tweets, and adding manual micro content form may take another 8 hours.


Micro content requests are going to be handled manually.


After setting up the product by itself and making sure it works appropriately I am going to spend about 4 hours to set up the landing page using Modern WordPress Template.


If I will have some time left at the end I am going to invest more into generating articles and improving conversion.

The landing page will be saying that the service is completely free and compare features to other popular solutions. The landing will be redirecting users directly to the registration page on the platform.


We gonna set up basic Google Analytics and screen recording using Full Story. It will take us about 2 more hours and if we will have any time left we may set up user tracking so that we know which user is clicking on a screen.



Here is how to build an MVP SMM tool with AI content generation inspired by Gary Vee in 24 hours. But the startup is not stopping on the MVP and here is a road map that is going to be executed right after launch.

  1. Launching Google and Facebook paid ADS on keywords related to social media strategy and Gary Vee.
  2. Launching A/B tests for landing keywords


Then, 2 weeks after launch, based on user feedback this idea may shut down completely or make a product pivot with another 24 hours development circle.

A Youtube video with a step-by-step execution of this MVPRD is in progress... Subscribe to a newsletter to not miss